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Wednesday March 24, 2004 - Meh.. I dont know why I need to update much since not many people look at index.html... IRCstats is down because I have to wait for a new version to stop getting "this version is 10 months old" nag screen. The new version is in testing they say. All clients 2D and 3D are updated to 4.0.2a. POL 096 I heard is going to fix the problems with 3D on POL so more 3D players may be around. The manual patches are updated to 4.0.2a. I found a temporary solution to not seeing BODs on RunCG. AccountBot 4.0 is now in the field testing stage. Added a button to go to the manual patches. I have also made a page without the buttons for whoever can't seem to get them to work. I've been very busy today on these things. All but the IRCstats and client things were done today.

Wednesday August 20, 2003 - The IP for has changed. This is what caused the huge downtime. You might have noticed that the IRCstats autoupdater has been running and working like a charm. You might have also seen that all 4.x clients for 2D are CPU fixed now.

I have a new automated tech support system that I'd like people to see. Its a great way to get support without having me around and it explains in good detail how to fix things (well of course cuz I wrote it :-P) To activate it, just type !tech in a PM to me. Don't worry, it doesn't bother me even if you just type all the commands to check it out.

Tuesday July 29, 2003 - I'm adding the new CPU fixed clients to the site today. These have tested very well for CPU usage ESPECIALLY on much slower (PII) machines. I will do the CPU fix for the remaining 4.0.0 versions and add those. AoS 3D client 4.0.0o has been added today also. 

For any of you that don't know or don't know why, the IRC stats update script  has been taken down. I took it down mainly because of people flooding the site when !mircstats has been said. Since the page was being downloaded by people while it was trying to update, the mircstats updater ran errors. The program would be completely frozen until I came back to my computer and released the error. I will make an autoupdate script that will update at certain  times and wait a considerable amount of time (like 1 minute) before advertising the update.

Tuesday July 15, 2003 - 4.0.0o 2D client is now up. I did know as I was creating the new clients page a week ago that 4.0.0o 2D was a broken link. Now it is up. I saw a small bit of improvement in the actual running which might barely reduce the lag for the people with CPU lag.