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Thursday July 10, 2003 - No page changes today. Instead I was redoing my mIRC scripts. You can now command the IRC stats on my page to update. Just go into the IRC chat and say !mircstats . I do know ChanServ will reply that its an unknown command because ChanServ isn't the one handling the command. After typing !mircstats, wait about 20 seconds (to load and process logs) then check the IRC Stats page again. Another thing I did was add foolproof protection on my autoreply so NO ONE IN NO WAY can make my autoreply flood me out of IRC. Also it won't reply to you any more when you say my nick in the channel. Enjoy.

Wednesday July 9, 2003 - Improved the clients pages. Now all clients are on one page under the javascript dropdown menus. I'm also looking to improve the Client tech FAQ page.

Tuesday July 8, 2003 - Added the AoS 3D client version 4.0.0m. I'll get the other 3D versions up later. A link to the IRC stats for #crystalgate is now on the left. Client version 4.0.0o is now under testing for both 2D and 3D.

Sunday July 6, 2003 - is back up. I threw together another home page that I'll probably make more changes to later. The downtime was due to the IP always changing the last few days. Now I shouldn't have a problem anymore.